Fizzel (Steward of Curiosity)Edit

Fizzel can best be described as an oddity. Often lost in her own world, she gives the impression of one oblivious to the happenings of the world. From a young age, Fizzel demonsrated an intense curiosity that nothing seemed able to satiate. This led her to appear to most other people as uncaring. For you see, whatever had grabbed Fizzels curiosity at that time was the only thing that she could care for. As of such, family and friends came second to answering the question that was burning inside of her. This often frustrates her sister Twizzel, who cares for Fizzel deeply. 

Fizzels curiosity has led her to adopt many useful and seemingly random talents. Fizzel is a natural born climber and is highly athletic. She has also developed a knack for moving unheard and unseen, in order to quell her more dubious curiosities. Fizzel adopts a fighting style similar to that of the Triori Fighters, however, she has adapted the style slightly, as her inability to cast wants means she doesn't have to be as precise with her fighting rythym. 

Her responsibility has taken her over most of Sion, she spends the majority of her time in the world of Sion, rarely coming home to the City-Upon-High. Fizzel struggles with social interaction so normally makes her choices based upon what she wants to do. Yet again, often leading to the frustration of her sister who nearly always tags along in order to ensure Fizzel doesn't endanger herself too much.

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