Hadeana-Eonus (High Lady of Creation)


Hadeana-Eonus (High Lady of Creation)Edit

Hadeana-Eonus is the High Lady of Creation and as of such is regarded as the most important of the High Ones. Despite her significance the High Lady herself is highly introverted and chooses to remain out of most discussions. The High Lady should theoretically be the busiest of all the High Ones, however, Hadeana-Eonus chooses to adopt a 'hands off' approach to creation. The reasoning behind this is her original resentment for having to create the world. Hadeana-Eonus spends more time these days moping and wishing to be left alone than doing anything us ueful. She is the only High one who can act this way without interference from Claustrus as he views the High Lady with immense respect.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Hadeana-Eonus stands at 7 feet tall. Her hair is described as being shoulder length, blonde and glamorous. The High Lady has a heavy set face, but her skin is described as flawless, like marble. Her eyes are a deep shade of blue, and are weary looking, like she hasn't slept in days. Her general expression is one of disinterest, it's not that the High Lady is incapable of happiness, merely that weariness is her neutral state of be

ing. Her frame is strong, not butch, but still imposing. The High Lady is normally seen wearing her robes. The robes are made of a thick wollen material and were once white, yet time seems to have greyed them somewhat, The robes wrap all around her body stopping at around her shins. Hadeana-Eonus chooses to wear leather sandals, the sandals are brown and consist of many thing strips of leather that wrap around her feet.   ==Insignia of Creation== Hadeana-Eonus wears the brand of creation, The brand is unlike other insignias, at it is a jewel rather than a simple symbol. The jewel is a star placed within her forehead. The start is golden white and seemingly prefect in appearance, however one crack runs along a central jewel. The crack originates f


Anna Gunn would be the ideal face model for Hadeana-Eonus

rom the era of abandonment, wherein Hadeana-Eonus' creation failed, thus damaging her insignia. 

Known ContactsEdit

Hadeana-Eonus is primarily an introvert who is naturally mistrustful of all others. However, there are some she chooses to socialise with.

Philigree - Only know 'friend' with whom Hadeana-Eonus is reported to share many drinks and as a result, many secrets with.

Veromere and Synth - These two High Lords serve as the managers of Sion. Hadeana-Eonus views her duty as completely fulfilled and so Veromere and Synth take on the practical side of mantaining creation.