Morsus-Dolor (Steward of Pain)Edit

Morsus-Dolor (Steward of Pain)

Morsus-Dolor (Steward of Pain)

Morsus-Dolor is a young, vibrant and colourful steward with a loud personality and an even louder fashion sense. The steward is rarely seen out of style, refusing to wear anything except the finest and most expensive clothes he can get his hands on, Morsus-Dolor is instantly recognisable. The steward is frown ed upon by his uncle, Belvont (Steward of Agony) who argues that he doesn't take his responsibilities seriously. To an extent Belvont is correct, whilst Morsus-Dolor views life as one long party at which he is the centrepiece, this does not mean he neglects his responsibilities. Morsus-Dolor fulfills his role without question, albeit, in his own camp manner. 

Morsus-Dolor is also well known for his rare descision to permanently live within the world of Sion. 

The Steward had the Tower of Domus-Dolor built far to the north-east of the City-Upon-High atop a lonely hill a considerable distance from the nearest settlement. This distance ensures that Domus-Dolor is left undisturbed for the most part. Not that the tower is in any way subtle....

Physical AppearanceEdit

Morsus-Dolor can be described as vibrant to say the least. Luxurious black hair sits atop his head, the hair is wild and seems to almost have a life of its own. Bright green eyes, remeniscent of the Triori Fighters, seem to glitter with excitement at the prospect of nearly anything. Sharp pointed features highlight the Stewards face, with sharp cheekbones and skin like milk. Rarely is Morsus-Dolor seen without wearing the height of fashion. The favourite garment of the Steward would be his black leather doublet with golden embroidery. Black leather skin tight trousers are normally worn in conjuction with this truly fabulous doublet. To complete the image, a  collor that has been popped to the stewards ears is worn. The Steward stands at 6' 9 with a skinny body.

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