The world of Sion is filled with many proud races. The Laymen are unique in that they are not a proud race but an envious one. The Laymen do not have the ability to perform wants like the Source, they do not have the stonework skills of the Dwell and they do not even possess the inbuilt pride of the Yung’Nar. The laymen are ordinary folk and they are by far the most numerous of the races of Sion. Despite their lack of skill, the Laymen more than make up for this is fanaticism. The laymen devote themselves whole heartedly to their chosen topic often inspiring extreme devotion in others. The Laymen are regularly pushed around and looked down upon by the other races, as of such, any chance for a Layman to upstage a member of another race is something the Laymen seem to live for. The Laymen can be skilled in nearly any area of their choosing, making them versatile and somewhat unpredictable.

The kingdoms of the Laymen are split into four states, each being ruled by a baron:

·         The Lombards are ruled by Baron Gorrick and their proximity to Dwelling has made them builders by trade

·         The Jackens are ruled by Baron Grimsby, their closeness to the sea means most Jackens are seafarers of some sort

·         The Phillanthropes are ruled by Baron Higartus and they are known most for their association with the Knowledge Keepers, with many Knowledge keepers originating from the Kingdom of Philanthrope.

·         The Ikelings are a notably resentful folk who take to the swamps north of Fathome, they are led by Baron Finbar. The Ikelings are highly skilled at herblore and make excellent alchemists.